Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Before, After and the Little Things

Well, here it is. My first post.  I'm just getting right into it.

Last weekend we finally redecorated our bedroom.  (By "we" I mean I picked everything out, and my dear husband helped me move furniture and paint.)  I'm happy with the way it came out.  I just wish our budget allowed for a more drastic change.  Let me first start off by saying that we "inherited" our furniture from very generous relatives.  It's nice, sturdy furniture ~ it's just not at all not quite what I would have chosen.  So I've been challenged with decorating the room around the "lovely" furniture.  Also, since I couldn't re-mortgage my house to pay $80/window for curtains, $250 for a new comforter set and $40 each for some throw pillows, I settled for making curtains and pillows that matched my ugly current comforter.

So, here are the "before" pictures:

And here are the "after" pictures:

Of course, I need a hidden mickey:

And, one of the best things about having a 5 year old to hang out with is finding fun in the little things:

She did it!!!

I still want to add some small touches.  I'm anxiously waiting to use my 30% off coupon at Kohl's tomorrow, where I will find some fabulous deals on items that match my color scheme perfectly... well, a girl can hope, right?

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  1. Great job on your 1st blog post!! It's fun and a good creative outlet.
    Your room looks great too!

    Happy blogging!!!